On the 1st March 2012 on the Opening Day of the secret TPPA talks, we need a Critical Mass of people – bright and EARLY at the Melbourne Convention Centre Are you ready to reclaim your future?

Download and distribute this poster:


5 thoughts on “EVENTS

    • Well we are thinking it would be good to meet at 7.30 near by as the opening day will have delgates from all the countries involved arriving and we would like to be ready to greet them 🙂

  1. Just saw your group down there protesting outside while I was on my lunchbreak. Thank you for informing me of this. I thought Australia would stand through the collapse better than most countries, but this agreement will not only guarantee our countrys demise, it will accelerate it.

  2. From the sleepy city of Nelson, South Island of Clean Green NZ, we had 230 marchers while the MSM reports 300 in Auckland. More urgently, NZ is under threat from a ‘Modern’ Food Bill #160-2, to control all marketing and probably rule all seeds to be sterilized prior to shipment. Monsainto and DuePont are softening up the NZ farmers for a Genetically Engineered Sweep.

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